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These garage door tips will not only make your life easier but also safer! Browse here to read them

Determining if you need garage door replacement

Our well experienced technicians recommend that you check each garage door panel regularly. Look for any breaks or damages and determine if it can still be repaired or it needs garage door panel replacement. Immediately act according to the state of each panel.

Clearing the signal path for your garage door opener

Garage door openers have a tendency to not work properly due to obstructions of signal between the opener and the remote. Simply make sure that nothing blocks the signal by removing any tree branch hanging near the front of your garage.

Where to put the photo eyes

In automatic garage door opener installation, our specialists say that the photoelectric eyes should be no less than six inches above the floor. It’s advisable to have an experienced garage door service professional implement the installation. Maintenance is useless if the location of the sensor is faulty in the first place.

Use a reliable bottom seal for your garage door

Ideally, it should be held in place by an aluminum retainer. This type of retainer doesn’t rust and makes replacing the seal extremely easy. The seal should be made of PVC or vinyl, which are highly resistant to weather damage. These kinds of makes will ensure that the seal will remain flexible during the winter and do a good job.

Give proper maintenance to the safety sensors

Start by wiping their surface clean. Use a soft cloth directly or dampen it just a little bit. After you are done, align the photo eyes properly. They should be facing each other. To test these devices, open the garage door and block one of them with a roll of kitchen paper towel. When you try to close the door with the remote, the unit should stay in place. If it doesn’t, you should get the sensors checked right away.

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