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What is a safety beam?

Safety beams are invisible, infrared electronic beams that detect if something is in the path of a garage door. It acts as its sensor. It has an inferred device and a receiver. They are placed at both sides of the garage door’s frame.

How will the garage door work when there is power outage?

Most automatic garage doors can be opened using the red emergency release cord to open the door manually. If you need to open it from the outside, our specialists in Mill Creek suggest installing emergency release lock, or referring to your door’s manual for specific instructions.

Are insulated garage doors a good choice?

Professionals at Garage Door Repair Mill Creek advise you to get insulated doors if your garage doors are connected to your home. That way there will be lesser chances of a draft getting into the house. Insulated doors are a bit more expensive. But they are a good investments in the long run as they are known to last.

When is the time to call a professional?

If your door won't close or open all the way, if your opener makes an odd sound, if you suspect your spring is about to snap – all these and more are signs of something wrong with your door. Remember it is vital to call professional help so you won't risk yourself or your family members.

What does the extension spring system include?

It includes two springs. There is one on each side of the door right above the horizontal track. The back end of the component is held by a special bolt. The front end is connected to a pulley. A lift cable runs through this and another pulley and is attached to the bottom of the door. Our professionals in Mill Creek explain that a safety cable goes through the center of the each spring along its length in order to secure it in case of breakage.

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